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Proudly Serving the Antioch Community

Antioch Township serves all residents of Antioch. This includes 27,000+ community members. We offer a range of services and support. Our areas of service include emergency assistance, senior services, assessment of property for the basis of local taxation, and maintenance of all roads and bridges outside federal, state, and other local jurisdiction. 

Antioch Township employs approximately 20 full-time employees and 8 part-time employees, including elected officials.  The current budget for the Township is $1,220,214.00 and $3,345,275.00 for the Road District.

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Supervisor/Clerk’s Office

1275 Main Street

Antioch, IL 60002

(847) 395-3378

Assessor’s Office

1490 Main Street

Antioch, IL 60002

(847) 395-1545

Highway Commissioner's Office

933 Bartlett Avenue

Antioch, IL 60002

(847) 395-2070

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