Early Voting at

Antioch Township Supervisors Office

Early Voting Dates & Times

October 19, 2020 - November 1, 2020
Mon - Fri    8:30 am - 7:00 pm
Sat - Sun    9:00 am - 5:00 pm



1625 Deep Lake Rd
Lake Villa, IL 60046
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Drop Boxes for Vote By Mail Ballots
INSIDE drop boxes will be available for vote by mail ballots. You will need to park your car
and walk into the building.

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November 3rd - Your local voting site - 
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Find your assigned, neighborhood Election Day voting site serving your address. 

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Postage-Free Drop Boxes for Vote by Mail Ballots Open September 24

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Attention all Senior friends!


As we continue to navigate Phase 4 of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to ensure we have your mailing address, phone number, and email address to be be able to communicate as effectively as possible. 

Please contact Antioch Township to be put on our mailing list. If you are on our mailing list, but have not provided your email, please contact Antioch Township at 847-395-3378 so our team can continue to communicate and connect with you.

Antioch Township is an official drop off location for Toy For Tots.

Please drop off your donations during normal business hours. 

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One Antioch; Better Together 

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We are pleased to feature Antioch restaurants and businesses who have taken part in our Better Together video project. These featured videos are possible because of the cooperation and collaboration of the Village of Antioch, The Antioch Chamber of Commerce and Antioch residents, Steve Dragin (Shooting Star Productions) and John Czerwinski (Chewy Productions). 

Abilgail's Top Knots and Tails    Click Here

Antioch Cyclery                  Click Here 

Antioch Dental Center           Click Here

Lakes Region Historical Society   Click Here

The Latte Cafe & Bakery   Click Here

Lakes Pancake House        Click Here

Antioch Eye Associates     Click Here 

Lavish Nail Studio            Click Here

Antioch Family Chiropractic  Click Here

Antioch Flower Shop         Click Here

Antioch Garden Club         Click Here

Antioch Model Trains & Hobby  Click Here

Antioch Parks & Recreation  Click Here

Leathers 4U                        Click Here

The Limerick                       Click Here

Little Bean Coffee Co.       Click Here

Living Well Hair Studio     Click Here

Antioch Pizza Shop           Click Here

The Lodge                          Click Here

Antioch Public Library           Click Here

Antioch VFW                       Click Here

Best Pets                             Click Here

Boyd's Hideout                  Click Here

Colette & Ano Plumbing   Click Here

Colletti                                Click Here

Lovin Oven Cakery           Click Here

Lucky Bernies                   Click Here

Maki Construction           Click Here

Merit Law Group              Click Here

Merle Norman                   Click Here

Mexican Paradise Cafe    Click Here

Command Service             Click Here

Northern Exposure Tanning     Click Here

Comprehensive Center for Women's    Medicine                                 Click Here

Copper & Lace                   Click Here

Corniciones                        Click Here

Curvy Diva Boutique          Click Here

Cypress Resort & Marine  Click Here

DeMartini Legal                  Click Here

Old Mill Creek Country Store     Click Here

Oliverii North                     Click Here

The Painted Lady Antiques  Click Here

Pickard China                     Click Here

Piggly Wiggly                      Click Here

Polson's Natural Foods      Click Here

Dockers North                    Click Here

Reclaim Your Body            Click Here

Dragonfly Bed & Breakfast   Click Here

Rosie's Italian Eatery          Click Here

ELevate Dance                  Click Here

Exquisite Style Salon          Click Here

Family Heirloom Antiques    Click Here

Fire Guys Tinting                Click Here

Granny's Lakeside Diner   Click Here

Rubato Music Studio         Click Here

Rustic & Reclaimed Market  Click Here

Sandbar                              Click Here

Snowbird Ski Shop             Click Here

Great Lakes Antiques         Click Here

Something Sweet              Click Here

The Gymnastics Zone       Click Here

The HairXperts                    Click Here

Hannah's                           Click Here

Head to Toes                        Click Here

I'll Dye For You Hair Studio     Click Here

Inspired Homes                 Click Here

Steitz's                                 Click Here

Taylor's on Toft                   Click Here

Trillium Yoga                      Click Here

Tom O'Brien Law Office     Click Here

The Vegas Cafe                  Click Here

JJ Blinkers                            Click Here

Villari's Martial Arts           Click Here

Johnny's Snack Shop         Click Here

KTA Music Center              Click Here

Antioch Township Supervisor's Office

1625 Deep Lake Rd.

Lake Villa, IL 60046


T: 847-395-3378

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