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Upcoming Township Events

Please call our office for information on any events or programs: 847-395-3378


12/5 Movie: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (10am Antioch Movie Theatre)

12/8 BINGO (Antioch Township 9:30-11am)

12/14 White Christmas (Fireside Theatre, Fort Atkinson depart Antioch Township at 9am)

12/16 Jolly Holiday Lunch (VFW in Antioch, 11am-1:30pm)

12/19 Movie: Spiderman (10am Antioch Movie Theatre)

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From Supervisor Shaughnessy

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Dear Residents,


The Antioch community we all treasure includes many talented people with diverse skills and interests. Our residents deserve a place where learning can flourish, and friendships can blossom. Antioch Township, working closely with the Village of Antioch, has developed the concept of creating the Antioch Township Center—a grand place that provides our community with services for the entire community. The root of the concept comes from the following:

  • The ability to create spaces for community gatherings and recreational activities for all ages in a safe, modern building will bring endless possibilities for residents and future generations to come; and,

  • The bustling hub of our community under one roof for classes, meetings, fitness, sports, special events, and celebrations will be inclusive for every group, family, and individual resident; and,

  • The Center will consolidate senior services and provide enhanced resources for our older, growing community.

At the December 8, 2021 Village Board meeting, the Village will vote whether to transfer land known as the "Bittner Property" to the Township and on the same evening, the Township Board will vote whether to accept the property. The Township sees this location as the optimal place to build the much-needed Center. The nearly 12-acre property is located on North Avenue at the intersection of Nelson Road.


This Center will meet needs that are currently going unmet in our community. 


Our growing population of senior citizens deserves the quality services they will receive in one convenient location.


Antioch Township encompasses the entire Village of Antioch and beyond. Families are driving to other communities so they can participate in recreational sports.

  • The Center will provide a unique and much-needed facility to serve all ages from birth through senior citizens

  • Much needed services for health, special assistance, and special events will be coordinated and consolidated in one easy-access location for everyone in our community

  • The possibility of walking clubs and fitness classes tailored to various age groups provides the whole community with a reason to get out and get healthy

  • Families and friends will have the chance to connect and take part in activities together

    • Making new friends with families through shared interests will benefit many


The Center will benefit individual families by offering shared activities that can bring them closer, especially for those who find it difficult to find quality time with all members of the family due to their busy lives.


Civic organizations will also have a place for events and celebrations.


Consolidation of Township Offices for Improved Efficiencies


The new Center allows the Township to consolidate the offices of the Supervisor, Clerk, and Assessor. It also streamlines services.


  • Creates Shared Efficiencies

  • Offers Improved One-Stop Services for all Residents

  • The new, convenient location will help to promote the services the Township offers to all residents, including the expansion of opportunities for meeting rooms and special events


Proposed Amenities for the Antioch Township Center


A warm and friendly place to gather year-round to learn, play, entertain, and be entertained.


Our residents want to mark special occasions and life’s most memorable events right here in Antioch. Currently, spaces like this are only available by going outside of Antioch, which takes our residents and their dollars away from home. The revenue from special events will help to offset a portion of the costs of building and operating the Center. 

























Special Events Multi-Purpose Rooms (A, B, C)


These rooms include everything needed for events of any size, classes, training, productions, recitals, musical performances, presentations, celebrations, and more. This allows for a maximum occupancy of 300, but partitions separate the space into three individual rooms for multiple uses by smaller groups. Elements include a stage, audio/visual equipment, a service kitchen for outsourced catering, tables ,and chairs.


Athletic Gymnasium

  • Provides space for younger athletes who cannot fully access other community facilities

  • Large space for team sports will give all ages a sense of comradery and friendly competition

  • Versatile uses for lessons, classes, and training of all types

  • Opens the possibility of sporting activities such as volleyball, basketball, or the widely popular game of pickleball

  • Includes spectator seating

  • Two team rooms for pre-game, half time, and post-game meetings




















Fitness Center

  • Equipped with multi-use exercise gear for:

    • Improved balance and strength

    • Weightlifting

    • Treadmills for walking and running

    • Stationary bicycles

    • Personal Training

    • Yoga



  • Our seniors deserve to have a gathering place to come together, develop a new routine, and have something to look forward to

  • Seniors need a place to connect due to loneliness and isolation

  • The current center does not allow for large group programs and meetings

  • The Center will be able to create new opportunities for seniors

  • Future programming could include organizing group trips and excursions for seniors and for residents of all ages



  • We’ve all heard teenagers say, “there is nothing to do,” and “no place to go in Antioch.” The All-Ages Room will be safe and inclusive, aimed at making every teen feel comfortable, confident, and healthy

    • Potential uses: educational groups, gaming, crafts, and more


Serving Persons with Disabilities

  • Completely accessible for all individuals

  • Opportunities to develop programming with Special Olympics and other organizations

  • Planning a future playground for all children that is accessible and inclusive to all for interactive play​​


For the Comfort of our Youngest Guests the Center Will Feature:

  • A family restroom with a baby/toddler diaper changing area so both male and female parents can assist children of both sexes

  • A Nursing Room to provide privacy for feedings and diaper changing

  • Future plans include the development of a supervised “playroom” for little ones, so parents can enjoy the fitness and recreation areas of the Center knowing their children are safe and supervised


A Facility Garage

  • Will provide storage for Township vehicles and equipment


Lounge/Reception Area

  • Art and Sewing Room

  • Computer/Library/Cafe

  • Multiple uses include book club meetings, relaxing after a workout or sporting event, taking time to breathe and relax, catching up with a friend, or dropping in to warm up, grab a cup of coffee, and get out of the snow


Large Outdoor Patio

  • Seating space for 75 people

  • Partially covered for cool shade

  • Relaxing view of wooded area

  • Available for parties and special events



We are dedicated to searching for available funding through grants or other possible resources. Please let us know if you are aware of any public or private funds available to assist with this project. All suggestions are welcomed.


The total cost of the project will be approximately $16.5 million.


Due to strong financial stewardship, we have been very fortunate that the Township has not had a tax increase referendum in at least the last several decades.


The new Center is projected to cost a $200,000 homeowner just less than 30-cents per day to provide life-changing amenities that will improve the quality of our lives and the future of our community.


Understandably, families need to budget their expenses; that is why we propose an incremental payment plan through a 20-Year Bond program.





One Antioch

We are one Antioch. We are united and stronger than ever before. Together we will improve the quality of life for all residents.


This is the best time to represent all generations in our community. The foundation we build today will serve many generations to come, and it will attract more families to call Antioch home.


Our plan is to present this for approval by Township voters as a referendum question in the November General Election in 2022.




With this pending generous donation of the Bittner Property by the Village, we are excited about the future of our Township. Together, we can build a Center to enhance our Antioch community for decades to come.




Tom Shaughnessy

Antioch Township Supervisor

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