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Antioch Township Supervisor

Tom Shaughnessy

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Vern Thelen Park Becoming Vibrant Recreational Oasis.

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As the Fall season approaches, we are thrilled to unveil the exciting plans we have been diligently working on for the development of Vern Thelen Park. This expansive 30-acre property has been a cherished part of our township for two decades, and we a re committed to transforming it into a vibrant recreational oasis for all to enjoy. Our comprehensive plans have been designed to cater to a diverse range of interests and age groups, ensuring that Vern Thelen Park becomes a place where every member of our community can find joy.

Features and Amenities: Thelen Park will boast a myriad of amenities to cater to various interests.

Basketball Courts: A space to enjoy friendly matches and hone your skills - Teen leagues possible.

Birdwatching Area: Immerse yourself in nature's beauty while observing local bird species - Phase II.

Disc Golf Course: Perfect for casual games and friendly competitions -= Phase II.

Fitness Court Exercise Track: Area for outside exercise to be used by all ages and ability.

Naturalized Plantings: Aesthetic and ecologically friendly landscaping.

Overlook to Rookery: A serene vantage point to admire local wildlife - Phase II.

Pickleball Courts: Try out this popular sport in a welcoming setting - leagues possible.

Play Area: A safe and enjoyable space for kids to explore and have fun - expanded Eagle Scout area.

Slope/Sledding Hill: Winter excitement for sledding enthusiasts - Phase II.

Volleyball Court: Unwind with a game of beach volleyball - Teen leagues possible.

Walking/Hiking Trail: Embrace nature and stay active with picturesque trails.

Antioch Township was awarded an OSLAD Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to help with the funding for Phase I and are applying for additional grants to help complete Phase II. We are thrilled to introduce a unique opportunity for community members to contribute to the development of Vern Thelen Park, by purchasing engraved personalized tiles & bricks to be used in our walkways, you can leave a lasting mark showing your financial support for this landmark project. More to come on this, keep an eye on our website for more detailed information regarding how this brick & tile donation process will be coordinated.

We are continuing to work in cooperation with the Village by renewing an intergovernmental agreement that currently calls for the creation of a 501c3 non-profit Park Co-Op. The Park Co-Op will not be a taxing body and will be funded by charitable donations and through user organizations partnerships. This collaborative creative effort underscores our commitment to connecting our community through sports and recreational activities without creating additional real estate property taxes.   

God Bless Antioch and the USA,

Tom Shaughnessy

Antioch Township Supervisor

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